C. Marker’s La jetée

Chris Marker’s film La jetée (1962) is a film that explores the relation image-sound and image-story in a unique and very original way that escapes standard classifications. It is also about our desires to travel in time and the essential attributes of humanity (love, imagination, evil, patience). Chris Marker reduces the cinematographic narrative to its most basic elements without eliminating any essential part, he goes to the limits of the process of simplification but not further. Like Picasso with his Minotaurs.

The movie is important not only for its artistic experimentation but also for its deep philosophical relevance. It has had a major influence on many directors and films and is regularly elected as one of the most important films of all time. I think it is well deserved.

“.. And deep in this limbo, he received a message from the people of the world to come. They too traveled through Time, and more easily. Now they were there, ready to accept him as one of their own. But he had a different request: rather than this pacified future, he wanted to be returned to the world of his childhood, and to this woman who was perhaps waiting for him…” – In La jetée, C. Marker (1962).

Here’s the full movie :

Further reading:

La Jetée: Unchained Melody – Criterion Collection.


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