Les Peupliers

Together with my early paintings I found this one, painted when I was 16:

Les Peupliers

The painting (watercolor on Canson paper, A4 format) was directly inspired by Monet’s Les Peupliers au bord de l’Epte:

Peupliers au bord de l’Epte – Claude Monet (1891)


.. and I just discovered that Monet’s masterpiece was also inspired by another painting! Japanese ukiyo-e artists, in particular Hokusai and Hiroshige strongly influenced the Poplars series of Monet. Judge for yourself:

36th of Thirty-six vues of mount Fuji – Hokusai (around 1830)
Numazu, -13th of the Fifty-tree stations of Tokaido – Hiroshige ( 1833-34)

““Nothing gets lost, nothing is created and everything changes”” Lavoisier, who got it from Anaxagore de Clazomènes, who got it from…
References and suggested readings

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The Fifty-three Stations of the Tokaido, Hiroshige.
– La vérité en peinture / The Truth in Painting (Jacques Derrida, 1978)

9 thoughts on “Les Peupliers

  1. I like your painting as much as Monet’s, you’ve displayed your artistic talent already at young age, that’s so nice. I also find Japanese’ art influence quite a lot on works of western artists. The Art Nouveau work of Victor Horta is the case, you inspire me and perhaps I will write a brief post on this subject. Have a beautiful day.

  2. Thank you.
    Looking forward to reading you post, sounds very interesting ! The question I have in mind now is.. where did the Japanese artists get their inspiration from.. ?
    Have a beautiful day too.

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