Musings on philosophy of art, science, poetry (mostly M.Darwish), and music (mostly JS Bach).

I use tumblr (14tev.tumblr.com) for short posts and links to interesting material.


13 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for following my blog – am looking forward to reading your upcoming posts and catching up with your previous ones; they look so interesting!

  2. Hey!! Thanks for following ScienceSprings. Films? I was just visiting my kids in San Diego. We went to see the Hotel Del Coronado. I immediately needed to see “Somewhere In Time”, streamed it from Netflix.

    Thanks again.

  3. Could you please post more paintings? I am an artist and I never come across good art. In fact, I found the art gallery scene uninspiring and turned to iconography, but your painting of trees based on Monet reminded of my earlier work I left behind. I recently returned to drawing Glenn Gould, however, for my poems about him. I want to connect musical ecstatic states to religious ones in that project. So also more Gould info is very helpful to me. Thanks, Ksenia.

  4. http://www.kkicons.blogspot.com, and then click on the tab at the top for Glenn Gould Cycle / Poetry. Also, you could click on pictures on the front. That will take you to each article, where you can find the pictures and click on them if you would like to see them larger. I wish I had some of my old work from nature from college up, because it reminds me of yours a little. Email me, and I’d love to discuss the drawings and poems with you, if you like. . GG Cycle 2 is in progress, with an illustration that adds contrapuntal interest.

    1. Thank you for sharing so much. If you give an email address I can send a picture of Gould from a Time magazine of 40-45 years ago that might inspire still another drawing. I’m not much good at computers so I don’t know how to send it here. Again, thanks. Wes

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